Mental Health Awareness: Turi, Nurse Assessor

Mental Health Awareness: Turi, Nurse Assessor

  1. Have you been shown any acts of kindness in the last week? Please give details if you have

1.Have you been shown any acts of kindness in the last week? Please give details if you have

I have been experiencing a lot of kindness recently, especially in the last week. Of course, my family, agency and work colleagues are all fantastic. They all look after me.

2. What is the most memorable act of kindness you have experienced? How did that act make you feel?

During this Coronavirus. COVID has given me food for thought about understanding people have been and the kindness and gratitude shown to NHS staff.

People have been outside hospitals handing out freehand cream and watches. It’s been overwhelming how much kindness there has been across the country.

It was surprising because I felt that for so long the government and people haven’t truly appreciated nurses. Finally, the country is beginning to recognise our hard work.

3. What do you do to ensure you maintain a healthy headspace and relieve stress?

There are several methods that I practice including:

  • Exercise
  • Keeping a healthy balance between work and being with family
  • Eating good food

During the pandemic I was working outside of London and had been on the frontline in the Midlands, seeing COVID killing multiple people. It was after this experience I felt I had to be close to my family and come and work back close to home, in order to maintain a healthy mentality. It was very sad.

4. What do you think could be done to help those who have suffered/are suffering with mental health issues caused by COVID-19?

Good counselling and reassurance from people nearest to them (family, friends and neighbours)

Nurses and health worker staff need counselling and support, there have been multiple instances of my patients passing away and it was all in such a short space of time. Also seeing these patients said they were going to pull through, telling their family over the phone or video that they will be strong and then to see them pass away within 24 hours without being able to see their family. This would be traumatic for anyone; us nurses have been seeing this several times a day. Peoples condition deteriorated so quickly and it is a lot to take in.